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Populearn is a web app that teaches you to read, write, and speak a new language. It uses repetition and staggered recall to help you learn words without boring grammar drills or memorization, and it works really well.

Please note that all Populearn accounts have been shut down for the next few months. I am working on an even bigger and better version of Populearn, and it will be ready soon. I hope you have been enjoying your free language lessons!

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"Jeremy, fantastic website, thanks for all your hard work, can hardly wait to explore more!"

- Stefan

"Hey Jeremy, I just want to tell you how helpful Populearn has been for me! The style of teaching your site uses is extremely helpful for me, especially for learning verb conjugations! I hope to see more lessons. Thanks for providing such an awesome website!"

- Zoe

"I love Populearn! It is so easy to learn German this way. I love the repetition, I love how it corrects your mistakes and makes you correct them yourself. I love how easy it is to use and the categories are not long and boring. Populearn makes it fun to learn another language, I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to learn German!!! "

- Dianne

"Populearn is awesome. It is so easy and I love to use it and learn the language. I love how the lessons are set up. I really hope Kickstarter will help Populearn! It would be so awesome to have more languages! On a scale if 1 to 10, Populearn is a million!"

- Amber

"Hi Jeremy! Why do I love Populearn? Because it's easy to use. Because I can work at my own pace. Because it doesn't take very long, unless you want to do a whole chapter in a day like I did :) Because there's no homework to go along with it! Good luck with getting the campaign and Kickstarter"

- Rhi

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know, that this is one of the best courses I have used while learning German. The repetition REALLY helps. I look forward to more lessons!"

- Anonymous

"Hey Jeremy, I really enjoyed the german lessons. I have finished both the introduction and present tense 1 lessons. I am really eager to learn more and hope you will release more. This is by far the most impressive language tool I have come across so far."

- Horatio

"Jeremy! Thanks so much! This is the BEST site I've come across so far for learning German - fun and easy is a great way for beginners! So stoked for whatever other German lessons will be added in the future. Thanks again!"

- Auroch

"I just wanted to tell you, I think Populearn is awesome! Thank you so much for your time in creating it!"

- Sandy

"I think Populearn is great! It really helps learn how to say and spell things in different languages. I love how easy it is to learn new words, and it introduces them easily and in logical sets in each lesson. I also like that I can go and review things I've learned, instead of going through the lesson again."

- Andi

"Hello Populearn, I had a fun time going through your lessons! They were very helpful. I actually really like the way the lessons work (memory recall and repetition). I’m certain my German skills will improve with any of your future lessons. Thank you SO much for providing this service!"

- James

"Just dropping you a line just to say how much I enjoy learning German with populearn. Populearn is very easy to understand and and a fun way to learn a language. Incorporating previous lessons with new lessons is an excellent way to learn, it is amazing how much I retain from each lesson. Keep up the good work."

- Emily